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For starters, my name is neither Geraldine nor Virginia. My name is Caitlyn and I’m a wife and a mother to an incredible 3 year old son. If it weren’t for Geraldine and Virginia I wouldn’t be here today. They were my grandmothers. Geraldine, my paternal grandmother, was known to me as “Mudder”. Virginia was called “Grammy” and was my maternal grandmother.

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my grandaddy (bill) and grammy (virginia)

In many ways my grandmothers couldn’t have been more different. Geraldine was a farmer’s wife. She was a hard working woman who raised three sons and served her husband, Darrell, dutifully while living in Northwest Tennessee in Crockett County. Virginia was a city dweller. The wife of Bill who worked for the Memphis original, Holiday Inn, for many years and travelled the world as the Vice President of Inspections. She was the mother to three daughters and took care of her family with every action. My grandmothers both passed into eternity in 2011 during my first year as a wife. Losses that are still fresh. And still heartbreaking when I, again, realize their true earthly permanence.

The contrast of the two women was always fascinating to me. I loved the tactile country life I led on my grandparents’ farm until the age of 12. But I also relished visits to the city to visit my other grandparents and fell in love with the city of Memphis. I was afforded the well-balanced upbringing of city and country life. And I feel that I’m better for it.

The contrasts of my grandmothers may have been stark but the similarities were strong.  They were both well-rounded homemakers and experts worthy of a PhD in all things domestic. They both honed their craft, Grandmother Craft, and excelled in homemaking and child rearing. yet still found time to bestow blessings on their communities. From a young age, I was interested in cooking, sewing, crafting, and creating a beautiful and comfortable home. My grandmothers taught me with every word and deed how to be a good wife, mother, and homemaker, an education I use in both the menial and meaningful daily tasks.

As much as I learned from these incredible women, I didn’t learn enough. I was busy being a kid or teen or young adult. I didn’t have time to glean everything that I could from them. This blog is an attempt, in a way, to learn from them. On my own. They left a wealth of knowledge with each of my parents and in the relics they left behind. Learn with me as I sharpen my personal interpretations of Grandmother Craft in a different time. Through my modern eyes. In my modern life.

Their instruction is still relevant in many of the things I endeavor to do each day. I have put my own spin on it. Some of my views differ from theirs, obviously. But this is why I created this blog. To help myself to see in what ways I was inspired by these two amazing women.  In many ways I don’t even notice their inspiration and how it affects my everyday life in the twenty-first century.

Join me as I attempt to curate a modern lifestyle inspired by my grandmothers and their everyday craft.



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