thirty resolutions for my thirties: on becoming a well rounded lady {1/30}

I turned thirty this year, in July.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had a bit of a crisis around this birthday but I wanted to utilize the milestone as an opportunity to hone some of my life skills. I want to work on becoming the well rounded lady that I’ve always admired. A lady like my grandmothers.

The purpose of this blog is to curate my modern lifestyle while remaining inspired by these two amazing women. These resolutions are reflected in my goals of having a vintage inspired modern lifestyle, with not only vintage aesthetics but also a few of my grandmothers’ vintage values sprinkled in.

Here’s the thing. I just don’t think my grandmothers were ever scattered messes like I am. I don’t think they probably missed engagements or forgot birthdays as often as I do. This could be projecting. But they seemed to have their stuff together.

I resolved to begin one of my first resolutions before my birthday. It was to start keeping a regular planner.


Why yes, it took me 30 years to finally decide to stop being so scattered and start being organized. Maybe it’s because it’s not endearing to be a scattered twentysomething when you’re 30. Or maybe it’s just necessity. But I’m doing it now. So there.

I bought this pretty little spiral bound beaut at the Target. It’s a good one, I love the copper stripe. I loved that it’s portable and opens up completely flat. It has the standard monthly pages and simple daily pages. You know, planner stuff.

Maybe someday I’ll upgrade to one of the Erin Condren “Fancy Lady With A Fancy Life” planners. But this seems to be doing the job for the time being.


Here are some of the specifics of how I organized things. In case you’re interested. Or, in case you’re a mess of a human being like I am:

  • Personal: I started with the obvious- birthdays, upcoming events, etc.
  • Reminders: I added specific reminders for events requiring a dish or birthdays requiring a gift. Or times requiring a card be sent prior to an occasion. These reminders were usually written in the “notes” section of the week prior to the event. These have been a lifesaver. They keep me from running to the grocery store at midnight before events. Not like that’s ever happened to me or anything.
  • Around Town: Back in the summer, my husband spent some time compiling a list of local arts (visual and performance) events that would be of interest.  We regret missing so many of the local events our city has to offer simply because we forget they’re happening. This was an effort to stop doing that. He also complied a local sports calendar as well. My first order of business was to transcribe all the events into the monthly calendar.  Then, if we decide to firmly plan on attending said event, it gets moved to the weekly calendar pages. (A day out, provided by my mom, was the perfect catalyst for a geektastic transcription event!)
  • Religious: We’re Eastern Orthodox and our liturgical calendar is pretty busy. So I also added in important dates, such as feast days that wouldn’t have been national holidays included in the calendar to begin with. (High five to the Target planner for including “Greek Easter”, by the way. I’ll take it!)
  • Birthdays: I used the “year at a glance” calendar start keeping up with birthdays and other special recurring events to remember.


This may sound incredibly elementary to the rest of you. But I’m a mess. Seriously. I’ve used the phone calendar for the past few years. And I’ll continue to add a few items to it from time to time. But I need something written in ink to keep up with the constant, unavoidable busy.

Speaking of the ink, I try to exclusively use felt tipped black pens. The ones my Grammy (Virginia) used for everything. They’re the only way to go, in my opinion.

A small addendum to this resolution would be to start truly checking my planner daily. I might argue it’s the most important aspect of this resolution. A well planned life on paper is useless if not read.

How do you keep up with YOUR busy? Organized people, please, share the magic tips. Please?



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