family craft photo album: the first week of september

September?! I’m excited to hear it’s September for one reason, and that reason is because it’s almost fall.  I know. Cliches all over the place. Don’t you roll your eyes at me. I’m a nicer person when it’s cool outside.  I’m better dressed when it isn’t 99% humidity and sweltering. I can admit it- I’m also a fan of all the basic girl pumpkin spiced to high heaven staples.  NO, I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE! I like some pumpkin spiced things for a few weeks of the year.  Only for a few weeks though.  Then I’m back to pointing and laughing at you in your blanket sweater and leggings with your pumpkin spice Pop Tarts. (I can’t really judge because I’ve never tried them- but ew.)

September is the month where I have to talk myself out of buying my porch pumpkins, mums, and putting out a fall wreath. I have to tell myself “I can wait until October 1st” when it’s September. So, September means we’re almost there.


My crepe myrtles are still holding on tight. Ain’t nobody going to tell them it’s almost fall, they don’t have room in their lives for your negativity.  #foreverjuly


sometimes grandmother craft means making grain-free fried chicken.

I always feel especially connected to Mudder when I make friend chicken. She would laugh me out of town if she knew I made this fried chicken with coconut flour. I actually deep fried it, which is probably anti paleo but it was decently delicious!


Brandon inherited a collection of ties and bow ties from my Grandaddy (Virginia’s husband, Bill) and he makes a vintage clip-on bow tie look so dapper.


can you even handle this?

The post nap, sweaty headed, baby boy has the best hair. The curl isn’t completely gone, just changing.

the game was great. our photographer was doing so begrudgingly, hence the side eye from w.

Liking football was a recent development for us ever since W came along. We’ve been looking forward to the first Tigers game for so many months. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for the rest of the season. I’m also looking forward to actually learning the rules of football, slowly learning, slowly.  I also look forward to attending games in a Memphis whose thermometer isn’t set at just below the boiling point.

I only attended one or two football games in college, and it just so happened that Brandon was also attending one of those and I had a massive crush on him.  (It was short-lived, I would move on, then we’d date 3 years later.) I got a little (lot) misty thinking about how full circle we’ve come bringing our baby boy to the game now.  Yep, I got all kinds of dorky sentiment.  
IMG_3353My dear friend, Marjo, and her boys came to stay with us on Sunday of the weekend to have a collective Labor Day slumber (or not slumber) fest.

We ate nonstop and talked even more and for a few minutes- we slept.

IMG_3364My friend Angela, and her sweet daughter joined us all for brunch the next morning.  It was the most perfect way I could think of spending the holiday.
IMG_1248Correction- Brandon’s pork butt is the most perfect way I could envision spending the day (sorry ladies).  This guy owns that smoker.  He now officially makes my favorite barbecue in town, and that’s saying something in this town. It was extra perfect this time.

We have some adventures to be had, September.  I promise not to relegate you to the in-betweenness of being the end of summer and not quite fall.  I apologize for that.  Based on this first week, you’re looking mighty fine.



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