thirty resolutions for my thirties: skincare {2/30}

I’m thirty years old and haven’t figured out skincare.  I’m talking about all the skin- body and face.  I don’t feel like my grandmothers had trouble mastering this.  I remember a bottle of body lotion always sitting on Mudder’s (Geraldine) side table.  And I remember the smell of all the products Grammy (Virginia) had in her bathroom.  Their generation knew that skincare was just as important as putting on makeup or fixing your hair each day.


My mindset and aesthetic has always been an attraction to the classics, the grandmotherly staples.  A few years ago, after a Mad Men binge, I started using cold cream as my daily regimen. I liked that it was moisturizing, smelled so comfortingly familiar, and was pretty much a one step process.  Most importantly I felt like Betty Draper.  But I’ve since moved on to lighter moisture and separate cleansers, possibly because I was feeling a little too matronly using a jar of cold cream each night. (If that’s even possible!)

I had terrible acne as a teenager. It made for a few rough years of an intense prescription drug that dried up my overactive oil glands. (Ew.)  I had to approach skincare with religious fervor in those days, one day of forgetting to wash off makeup and I was blessed with 10 new spots.  Following the cure of my teen acne, I got terribly lazy about my skincare.  I did well to remember to towel off my makeup at the end of the day.  You don’t need to tell me how bad that is, I know!  It’s hard to make yourself be good at skincare when you aren’t seeing any immediate negative effects.  I rarely get spots anymore and wrinkles aren’t overwhelming me yet.  Thing is- I do know the benefits of prevention and how important it is for me to work on my skin now before my age begins to show.

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I think the hallmark of many of the Grandmother Crafts I write about is that a mature lady knows what she’s doing, she’s filtered through all the options and has determined a high quality favorite, and she does the simplest and least trend-following version of said craft.  Skincare is a sticking point on my quest to become a lady like my grandmothers.  I want advice from those of you with a routine.  My skin is pretty normal, no special issues other than a few dry patches when I’m not doing a good job of moisturizing and it can tend to get oily on my nose.  I really just need a well-rounded simple routine.  And I need to actually DO that routine.

I truly want your advice.  Answer me any of these questions:

  • How long do you spend on skincare each day?
  • What products work for you?
  • How did you train yourself to establish a true routine?
  • Do you have any shortcuts that contribute to skincare success? (Whatever that is.)


This resolution obviously isn’t one where I’ll show you a long list of all the proactive things I’m doing to improve this area of my life.  I’m mostly letting you in on this little struggle I have that keeps me from being the intentional and put-together lady that I really want to be.  I’m anxious to hear your wisdom.


2 thoughts on “thirty resolutions for my thirties: skincare {2/30}

  1. Dear Cousin,

    Aquaphor saved my life and I really mean it! The water in Indiana is notoriously hard and is rough on my skin. I use it most evenings, especially in the winter, as a before-bed moisturizer. It’s great for taking off eye makeup too.

    For mornings and nights, I use a small dab of Trader Joe’s tea tree oil face wash. This stuff was a game changer for me and I’ve seldom had a problem with breakouts since I started using it.

    I suspect we probably have similar skin types (fair, delicate/normal). Before I put on my makeup, I use one pump of Eucerin SPF 30 daily moisturizer to block the sun and keep moisture on throughout the day. After much product sampling and agonizing, I’ve found this trio of products to work best for me 🙂

    Best of luck navigating the skin care shelves!

  2. So true! As we age, our skin changes and so do our skin care needs. I too am trying to figure out the right skin care regimen for anti-aging (or perhaps, toward beautiful aging). One thing I have found to be simple and natural for my skin is a tee tree oil face wash every morning, jojoba oil as a moisturizer, and a natural makeup remover towelette for the evening. I often buy the Yes to Cucumbers brand but have also used homemade ones with essential oils. Hope this helps!

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