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Grammy (Virginia) would always tell me I looked like a “fashion plate” whenever she crafted a particularly fashion-forward garment for me to wear. (See my Instagram for one such epic example of her designing prowess.)  Looking like a fashion plate is still the highest praise I bestow on a well dressed person.  In this series I want to pay homage to my well dressed grandmothers.  I own several accessories that were gifted to me when they passed away, and some I received before they passed.


These little treasures make their way into my ensembles on a pretty regular basis.  I’ve never really considered myself a true vintage fanatic, rather I love to incorporate dashes of vintage style into my modern life. (Helooooo, blog theme?)  I never had the gumption to pull off head-to-toe vintage outfits.  I feel they’re a little too costumey for me, honestly.


This first piece belonged to Grammy and was loaned to me by my Grandfather, Bill, to wear to an event leading up to my wedding.  Grammy was unable to attend my marriage service although she was still living.  Her Alzheimer’s disease was too far advanced to risk upsetting her with a strange room full of a few hundred people.

He loaned me this necklace from her collection along with some gorgeous pearl cluster clip-on earrings that I wore with my wedding dress.  I don’t recall ever seeing Grammy wear the necklace when I was growing up, but that didn’t matter, I still felt the connection to her through this piece.

Grandaddy travelled the globe with Holiday Inn as the VP of Inspections and he lavished his beautiful wife with all sorts of gorgeous pieces of jewelry.  Mom is sure this piece was one such gift from abroad.


The details on this necklace are out of control.  So many tiny flowers encased inside of the locket. And the backside of the piece could stand alone as a unique piece with the sweet little bird.  The details at the top make it look almost like a pocket watch.  Almost like it’s the grandmother version of a family heirloom grandpa pocket watch.

Following Grammy’s death, the necklace became mine.  I have worn it now for 5 years.  It goes with so many pieces, but I prefer to pair it with simple tops or dresses so it can be the headliner.  It sparks a conversation every single time it gets worn.  It’s, honestly, one of my favorite earthly possessions.


On Tuesday night, I taught a prenatal breastfeeding class to some friends.  (I also happen to be a CLC, because I like to be a very little bit good at a whole lot of things.)   I paired the necklace with this new tunic from Old Navy (I’ve always championed the ON, but this top feels a little more high end than their normal offerings) and some old standby black leggings.  The outfit was the perfect nirvana of comfortable and put-together.  I have grand ideas about how comfortable women are always the most attractive.  (Obviously I mean within reason, but we can ALL agree that I’m fifteen levels of gorgeous in my 10 year old favorite workout leggings and my dad’s old tee.)


I felt confident and comfortable in this outfit and this necklace was the perfect accessory to add a perfectly appropriate smidge of polish and grandmother style to the whole ensemble, and that’s about all I can ask for in an outfit.

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  1. Grammy would be so proud that you were enjoying her necklace. Grandaddy loved picking out things for her. So many times I wish I could call her up and talk to her about my children and grandchildren. She loved doting over her family. As i am pretty sure you enjoy doing as well. Love reading the blog, it stirs up some really good memories!

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