family craft photo album: the little prince

{Programing Note: Accept my apologies for starters that this post is comprised of 90% iPhone photos and the one real camera photo is horrendous.  Sorry.  I’m the worst at remembering to use the real camera and my lighting left something to be desired.  The lack of good photos is indicative of a perfect experience with no time to photograph, so there.}

i don’t get tired of them.

Ballet Memphis put on a performance of The Little Prince at the Botanic Gardens this weekend.  I’ve never been to an event at the stage at the Gardens, but it was a great venue.   The string lights in the trees made my heart happy.

The ridiculous weather also made me happy.  Seventy twooooo! I kept exclaiming it to everyone I spoke to for the past few days.  There’s a special pep in the steps of Memphians when we get a reprieve from Summer’s weather.  I think it’s how northerners feel when a long dark winter is starting to wind down.  These early fall days make you want to do all the things and enjoy all the niceness.


We had lawn tickets and made a stop at Kroger for a little bit of a quick charcuterie platter.  I got bocaccini mozzarella, spreadable garlic cheese, crackers, smoked salmon, and salami. We loaded up the cooler with beer, wine, and juice boxes and had a grand old time. (Don’t worry, I ate plenty of vegetables earlier in the day and completely didn’t notice my lack of plant products until later.)

wine is a fruit. i’ll stand by that forever.

All the children were given passports at the door and were able to make the rounds to Little Prince themed craft tables and receive stamps upon completion.  (Bonus points to the most patient and kind teens manning the tables!)

w. had never seen an instant camera before. he kept walking towards it while the volunteer took his photo.


This was W’s first ballet and he was not disappointed by this performance.  He was very impressed with the athletic feats performed by the dancers. He looked at me and said: “Momma!  Wook at their sport!!!”  (Please don’t ever teach him to stop saying “Wook!” when he’s excited.)

sooooo grainy- but the sweet face was too sweet not to capture. he loved it!

The performance was exactly what you’d expect from Ballet Memphis- absolutely perfect.  As I do at beautiful performances, I shed a tear or two.  It was especially beautiful to watch my baby boy fall in love with the sport of ballet.


We sat behind some old friends and ran into several other people before the night was over.  I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of the ballet doing this sort of thing before, but we hope they will again in the future.  It was such a fun night out for a great deal.

Our tickets are already purchased for The Nutcracker in December and we can’t wait to add another Ballet Memphis tradition to our family Christmas traditions.

worn out. this was a garage photo, he was buckled the whole ride home. promise!!



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