elk taco night {and my favorite homemade tortillas}

We love tacos around here.  Pretty much any incarnation of tortilla, protein, and toppings, we’re all over that business.

One of my babysitting families gave me a pound of elk meat that their 11 year old got from a hunt last season.  (Fringe benefits, much?)  We love wild game in any incarnation, but some ground meat tacos like we grew up on were calling our names.

I grew up with soft flour tortilla, ground beef with taco seasoning packet, lettuce, cheese, salsa, and sour cream tacos.  Nothing like a Taco Bell taco to hit the spot.  As a grown up I REALLY love authentic Mexican tacos with cilantro, onions, and radishes, but sometimes we all like to go old school.

Of course, as tastes change, sometimes elevating the classics is in order.  We made these delicious throwback tacos on Saturday night.  Here’s what we did to make them.


Tortillas: I started making homemade flour tortillas a few years ago.  We love this recipe from Ree Drummond and it hasn’t done us wrong yet.  (My paleo diet is sometimes a little broken around here!  But here is an incredible cauliflower tortilla recipe we love to use.)  Be aware, an hour and a half before dinner you want to start actually making the tortillas.  I didn’t have lard on hand this time, so I used bacon grease.  It worked! And, bonus, the tortillas were a little baconlicious.  And before you balk at the thought of lard in your tortillas, know that your store-bought tortillas probably have the same if not worse, FYI. They’re an occasional treat.  Promise!

Meat: I sautéed the elk meat with a diced onion and a teaspoon of olive oil and add my seasoning mix (see below) near the end of the cooking time.  Obviously, any meat will be delicious in these, we just had fun with the elk meat.


Seasoning: I don’t buy taco seasoning mixes and usually use a mixture of: 1 teaspoon chili powder, 1/2 teaspoon of dried oregano, 1/2 teaspoon black pepper, and one teaspoon of garlic salt (or more to taste) (I realize that garlic powder is cheating but- I MADE HOMEMADE TORTILLAS! I think I get a pass.)

Toppings: I used what we had on hand and topped the tacos with limes, shredded greens from our CSA, shredded cheddar, Valentina hot sauce, and a dollop of greek yogurt.  (Some cilantro would have put them over the top, but I didn’t have any on hand.)

Other than the forethought required for the tortillas, tacos are about the easiest dinner we eat around here but we’ve found a way to make them fit in with our own style of eating.


Bonus: Sunday morning we stayed in from church due to some generally puny parents.  W made us some scrambled eggs with taco spices (that HE added under Brandon’s directions for pinch size), hot sauce, some greek yogurt, and milk to make some delicious scrambled-by-Brandon eggs that we served in leftover tortillas with cheese and bacon crumbles.  I love a meal that morphs into something even more fun the next day.  Breakfast tacos, for the win!

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