family craft photo album: not one spare second

Following the sweetest response I could EVER expect following my last post, I had a combination of writers block + occupied with houseguests + about 300 things on my to-do list +” how do I follow that?” apprehension about writing , so the blog ended up at the bottom of the life pile.  I have so much more to say, so so much.  But a nice little photo dump (since I didn’t even *gasp* find time to Instagram this weekend!) will have to suffice for today.

Here’s a little rundown of our weekend festivities:

Friday: My dear incredible mother came over to help out so I could clean in peace/cook/get prepared for our weekend of fun.  She also brought cupcakes and coffee.  No two greater productivity aids have ever been invented.

Our friends showed up Friday evening around bedtime.  Not only are they dear family-like friends, they’re also our goddaughter’s family.  Sweet L was born shortly after we were married.  While she was still in utero, she and her family moved away to the east third of TN.  We’ve not been able to spend nearly as much time with her as we’d like, so this weekend was as much a chance for us to bond as time spent with good friends!

Saturday morning was spent at soccer practice.

he is seriously cooler than I ever aspire to be.

We went to a pumpkin patch and picked the pumpkins right off the vine.  This was my first experience really pumpkin patching.  I’ve only ever been to big roadside stands that call themselves pumpkin patches.  It was a really cool experience.  The kids loved the hunt through the vines to find their perfect pumpkins.

That paragraph above was an exercise in how many times I could say “pumpkin patch”.  I’m disappointed it was only three.



W with our goddaughter L

The kids took to one another better than I could have ever expected.  They know they’re god-siblings I guess.

our weekend guests
we’ve entered the goofy face stage of family photos with W
farmin’ and stuff

Next up we went to Wiseacre for their Chautaqua Day festivities to celebrate the opening of their new music venue.  The chefs from Andrew Michael/Hog and Hominy/Porcellinos were there making tacos on the El Mero Taco Truck.  The food was unsurprisingly delicious (brisket quesadillas!) and the festivities were also so fun!  We saw many friends throughout the day and fell even more in love with the fabulous Wiseacre.

true fangirl status because i was snapping sneaky pics
baby's first game of corn hole
baby’s first game of corn hole

In addition to amazing beers from Wiseacre (The Cream is my new favorite at the brewery), The Mighty Souls Brass Band played, the Henny Penny Mobile Boutique was set up, Choose 901 was there, Shotwell Candies had a booth (so many caramels came home with us), and several other vendors were out for the fun.


The brass band did a parade/second line around the brewery and was my most favorite moment of the day.  Everything was just too perfect!

W made a friend of the safety sign and gave him a name… “Beer”.

We watched a very intense game of life-sized Jenga back there in the background of the below photo.  They went on to  “Jenga.” Is that even what it’s called?  I don’t know.


w and his friend named “beer”
my new scarf from henny penny
my new scarf from henny penny

We finished off Saturday with my homemade sweet tea brined fried chicken for dinner followed by a fire in the firepit and s’mores.  So, obviously, those were the highlight of my entire day.

Sunday was another busy day of going to church followed by a BBQ lunch.  Our guests took some time to explore some sights they haven’t seen/ missed in Memphis and we took the afternoon to have naps back at our house.

Saturday evening we had a couple of friends over to spend some time with our guests and eat chili.  This weekend made for perfect chili weather.


Of course another cozy fire was built and more s’mores were built.

And a little bit of dress-up fun found its way into the mix.

the two Ws

Monday morning: our friends left to head home with lots of hugs.  The weekend was a whirlwind, but so wonderful.

Monday evening: we celebrated a friend’s birthday at Schweinehaus.  My formerly/currently German husband loves him some German food!  (Long story about a confused genealogy that wasn’t corrected until about 2 years ago.)

W was beyond excited for Lawson’s star wars cake

We had a great time and it was the perfect exclamation point for our incredibly fun and incredibly stuffed weekend.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The last two nights I’ve crashed in the midst of Netflix binges (anyone else find Reign to be the best worst most guilty pleasure ever?) and recuperated from the crazy.  It was such a dream weekend of having fun with friends, enjoying our city, and enjoying all the foods.  I really wish every weekend could be this great.


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