family craft photo album: not november anymore, it’s definitely december

I haven’t posted one of these in such a good long time. I can’t tell if y’all really love these or not, but my mom likes the photo updates.  So, without further ado, I present a big fat photo dump/catch up session!

November started off with a fun Guy Fawkes Day celebration.  AKA a reason to have a bonfire and eat loads of British food.

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bangers, mushy peans, yorkshire pudding, wiseacre neon brown


Next up was our godson’s baptism.  Eastern Orthodox baptism are about 45 minutes long and involve quite a bit of jostling of the baby along with a full immersion baptism- somehow, this child barely made a peep.  It was incredible.  He’s holy.  That’s the only explanation.

Many years, L!

the best baby to ever be baptized.
the best behaved baby to ever be baptized.
so perfectly round!
so perfectly round!

November chugged along…

full fledged cozy is in force right now.
full fledged cozy is in force right now. can you spot the pup?

A mini-update about our freezer meals: a) They’re all super yummy. b) W loves to help make the bread side dishes for the meals from our fridge bread dough.  Here he is making pita.  He’s honestly really good with a rolling pin!

pita making master
coolest three year old i know.

On to Thanksgiving!

I tried to ruin everything by catching a stomach bug at about 9:30 AM on Thanksgiving morning.  I spent the next 24 hours stuck in my sister’s bed moaning and shivering.  I was a real joy to be around.  I learned that I had so much to be thankful for when my dear family waited on me hand and foot and made sure I was alright.

So, these pictures are a nice journey through the night before Thanksgiving and the morning of… Then pick up again on Thursday afternoon.

roasted marshmallows and hot cocoa with aunt clare

W went on his first ever deer hunt on Thanksgiving.

i have a series of photos profiling my two guys walking in front of me.  i’ll add this to the collection.

W told Brandon when they got to the shooting house that they should “talk like deer hunters talk”.  Even if there were zero deer to be seen, W did some tracking and had a grand old time hanging with his daddy.

complete with camo fox slippers.
w and uncle caleb
w and uncle caleb

Saturday we braved the rain for the last Tigers football game of the season. (Ok, two of us braved it.  One of us whined.  Me.  I was the whiner.)

W FINALLY got to meet Pouncer and all his dreams came true.  We’ve missed every opportunity to meet the guy all season.  It was pretty exciting for all involved.

best friends.


We don’t decorate for Christmas until December 6 (St. Nicholas Day!) but it’s hard not to start getting into the spirit a little early. W is super cozy in his fleece jammies and loves the cuddle.  So I can’t say no.


We began our Jesse Tree on December 1.  My mom and sister made this amazing tree along with handmade clay ornaments.  It’s one of my most treasured possessions.


If you follow me on Instagram (hint hint, you should) then you’ve seen that I am DONE with my Christmas shopping, DONE with my dinner cooking until Christmas, and basically just twiddling my thumbs over here.  NOT!  But, for the first time in my adult life, I’m ready to breeze through the Advent season without extreme Grinchtastic grumbling.

Let’s do this, December!


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