hodgepodge trees, ornaments, and hashtags

I started a bit of a collaboration on Instagram this week.  I’m posting daily Christmas ornament photos and will continue to post them throughout the next weeks leading up to Christmas.  I’ve asked you, dear readers, to share your own ornament photos with the hashtag #GandVOrnaments.  If I love your ornaments (or trees!) then I’ll feature them on a big blog post closer to

I’m a big believer in the hodgepodge Christmas tree.  I think some people can successfully make a color coordinated or themed tree look amazing, but I love the slightly wonky, endearing mess of a monstrosity in the corner of my dining room. The aesthetic I go for in a tree usually isn’t my thing.  I love simple and monochromatic decor usually, but when it comes to Christmas and magic and whimsy- I throw all those snotty rules out the window.

I do, on the other hand, have very strong opinions about lights.  They must be white lights.  I like the clean look of the white lights on the tree illuminating the ornaments. (And illuminating me.  Who doesn’t look gorgeous lit by a Christmas tree?)

Now, let’s look at the pretty pretties why don’t we?

(Pretend we’re sitting together in my dining room next to my tree drinking coffee or cocoa, looking gorgeous sitting beside the tree, and taking one big fat sentimental journey together.)

This little treasure is from circa 1985 and was mine from my birth.  My nursery was a bear theme and I have a decent collection of teddy bear ornaments.  I’ve always loved the detail in this ornament.

These piglets were a gift from Brandon back when we were dating.  He gave me a collection of ornaments for a tiny tree that I kept in my bedroom (I lived at home until about 6 months before we got married).  Pigs have always been my thing.  When I was little my Grandaddy (Bill, Virginia’s husband) used to say “Awww hogwash!” to me when something I said was funny or silly.  The love for swine stuck, which is appropriate here in Memphis, the BBQ capital of the world.  (Dear everyone else who thinks you hold that title, you are wrong.)

the bigger one is so ugly it doesn't have a choice but to be cute
the bigger one is so ugly it doesn’t have a choice but to be cute

This ceramic lady is one of my most prized possessions.  My mother was given these ornaments when she was a newlywed.  My Grammy (Virginia) made them at the Eudora Baptist Church ceramics studio.  Mom painted them and sewed the tiny dresses.  I don’t take for granted the gift of this ornament.  It makes me cry when I unwrap it from its tissue every year.

IMG_5469 (1)

Here’s another one from my childhood.  Is it Babar? I never really had the Babar books as a child.  But W immediately spotted Babar upon seeing this one.  It was one of my most favorite because it danced when the little string was pulled.  That felt like some high level technology to a 7 year old Caitlyn.

Brandon gave me this sushi ornament on our third married Christmas I believe.  Sushi is pretty much my most favorite food.  It’s the food that (without fail) I will crave upon hearing it mentioned.  No other real or sentimental story to this one.

And now I neeeeeeeeed sushi. Dangit!!


My best friend hosts an ornament crafting party every year in early December.  I have another favorite from one of her parties that I’ll post later, but this is my all-time favorite.  A little silhouette of an almost two year old W.  It kills me to look at this one, and the sweet memory of sitting around the craft table with some of my favorite ladies makes the ornament that much sweeter.

Now it’s your turn!  Show me all the ornaments you adore and that make the tree trimming process so special.  They don’t have to be sentimental or extremely precious.  They just have to be ornaments that make you happy! Post as many as you like on Instagram using the hashtag #GandVOrnaments.  I’ll be featuring my most favorites on the G+V Virtual Christmas Tree closer to Christmas.

(Deadline is December 19!)


2 thoughts on “hodgepodge trees, ornaments, and hashtags

  1. So fun! I’m with you…white lights all the way! And I love a whimsical, hodgepodge mashup of ornaments. {Almost} every time we take a trip, I like to buy an ornament, so that every Christmas season I can remember our wonderful adventures and be inspired for our next one! And this year L and L have added some “non-traditional” ornaments…I’ve found doll hairbrushes, little tea cups, hair bows, and all sorts of stuff stuck in the tree. Hehe! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


  2. I just have to add that those sweet little ceramic ladies were painted, dressed and assessorized by your mom and your dad. This was pre-children and we were to say the least very low on funds. These little ladies brought us a lot of laughter, joy and a true heart felt sense of accomplishment. So glad you have one. They are a really good memory. Thanks for sharing.

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