Y’all have blown me away with all your submissions to the ornament roundup.  I selfishly started this little collaboration as a way to sneak a closer peak at my friend’s ornaments that aren’t visible in Instagram photos of their Christmas trees.

I expected to see some beautiful, some kitschy, some sentimental, and some downright hilarious.  I was NOT disappointed.

Grab yourself a cup of something warm and join me around the Christmas tree for my most favorite ornament submissions!

the best accessory next to a christmas tree is a cup of something warm
the best accessory next to a christmas tree is a cup of something warm to drink

This ornament from her childhood is my friend Jana’s daughter’s most favorite to chew on.  It’s pretty danged cute.


I love how crazy different everyone’s ornaments (and trees) were.  Such eye candy.  And such a great way to see each family’s personality.

The sweet paintings in the top right are by my dear friend Hillary.  Her art is some of my favorite in the world.  Check her out!


My friend Melissa has gorgeous ornaments from both of her favorite places on earth- Disney World and Hawaii.


Abby’s Bob Hope from her Nanny made me laugh out loud.  SO funny!


These gorgeous reminders of Christ’s incarnation made me so happy to see.  I can’t wait to shout “Christ is born!” in celebration.


If you’re on Instagram, look through the hashtag #gandvornaments to see some of the sweet stories behind these ornaments.


This one from my friend, Laura, has to be the most unique.  It’s made from OKRA! What!? I love it for so many reasons!


These two are my most favorite. (And I was hesitant to name a favorite, because they’re all so amazing!)  My friend Amanda had these from her grandmother.  They’re vintage and sparkly and sweet.  Everything that the G+V blog is all about.



I hope y’all have enjoyed this little jaunt around the virtual collaborative Christmas tree.  As with every year in our home Christmas tree, I’m going to dub this the best Christmas tree on the internet!

Merry Christmas, y’all!  Thanks for making the lead-up to Christmas so much fun with all your submissions!  xoxo


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