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{This is day three of our Williamsburg vacation.  For day one click here, and for day two click here.}

One of our favorite things to do is to explore a new city.  We love to take it in and see what similarities and differences can be found between it and our beloved Memphis.  Our love of different cities extended even into our love of a colonial city with Williamsburg.  So it was fun to come back to 2015 for a day.  Well, sort of.

Since we were going to be in Virginia and within only about an hour from Richmond, Brandon planned a fun day trip for us to check out some of what it had to offer.  Plus, since it was rainy and wet in Williamsburg on Wednesday, it was nice to be able to do some things that didn’t involve being outside for long periods of time.

We saw this Southern Foodways Alliance video about Sally Bell’s kitchen years ago.  It was automatically added to our bucket list of Southern institutions to visit.  Their southern boxed lunches are a Richmond favorite, and we were NOT disappointed.  I’m so glad Brandon’s elephant memory paid off when we realized we’d be near Richmond.


We ordered three boxed lunches, pimiento cheese, cream cheese and olive, and chicken salad.  We got sides of macaroni salad and their famous potato salad.  Each boxed lunch came with the cutest little wrapped deviled egg half and a delicious cheese straw with a pecan.

IMG_2218Everything was delicious and really reminded me of the Calvary Episcopal Waffle Shop during Lent.  Good southern lunch food that has been made the same way for a really long time.  With lots of mayonnaise.

After Sally Bell’s we headed over to the Hollywood Cemetery.  It’s a historic cemetery in Richmond that is the final resting place of several of Virginia’s most famous former residents.IMG_2226 IMG_2242

My long ago relative, John Randolph is buried in that cemetery and it was neat to see his grave marker.

IMG_2244 IMG_2247

Other notable Virginians buried there were JEB Stuart, Jefferson Davis, Douglas Southall Freeman, President John Tyler, and President James Monroe.  Even without the historic figures, the 200+ year old gravestones were all worth the visit.  It was an incredible place.

After the cemetery we headed to a cafe that Brandon had researched before the trip.  The Lamplighter Roasting Company was a really good place to rest and get caffeinated.

Isn’t that a gorgeous cortado? And high fives to the Lamplighter for including sparkling water with the espresso shots we ordered after this.  I always appreciate that touch.  (And Wm loves to steal my bubble water.)

Wm’s favorite thing is Cafe Time with momma and daddy.  I really think it’s mostly for the doughnuts, but I’m not complaining.


The sweet baristas at Lamplighter gave us a few places to visit while we were in town.  They directed us to the Carytown district.

On the way to Carytown, we spotted the Virginia Historical Society.  It was a gorgeous museum space in the heart of Richmond.  Of course we HAD to stop, and we learned that it was a free museum.  We made our way through and had a blast learning about some other famous Virginians who we hadn’t learned about yet.

Of course I loved seeing all the exhibits about my great (x16) grandmother, Pocahontas.  If you didn’t already know that we were related (and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it to you if we know one another in real life) then you should know.  We call her Grandma Pokey around these parts.


After the museum we finally made our way to Carytown for dinner.  We ate at Mary Angela’s.  It’s an old favorite in Richmond apparently (thanks, Yelp!) and it had the awesome Charles in Charge pizzeria vibe to it.  We ordered our favorite cheese and onion pizza and it didn’t disappoint.


Afterward we made our way down to an ice cream shop for dessert, explored some of Carytown’s shopping, and then made our way back to Williamsburg to our hotel.

Richmond was a lot of fun, not nearly as wonderful as our beloved Memphis, but a fun place to explore for a day.


Sally Bell’s Kitchen

Lamplighter Roasting Company

Mary Angela’s Pizzeria


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