a very memphis soccer birthday (and *not* an apology)

Oh, heeeeey!

I made a resolution/rule/commandment to never apologize after long blog breaks when I created this blog.  So, here I am NOT apologizing to y’all after a little hiatus.  One of those “I need to focus on doing my laundry, keeping up with life, and also breathing” things happened in the last month and I sort of think I forgot how to log in.  Since I didn’t really have anyone beating down the door to make sure I blogged again- I figure you all forgive me…. Had I apologized or whatever.

OK, on with important mommy-lifestyle-blogger business.



All y’all on Instagram and Facebook have been kept abreast on the happenings in the household. The most important being that I have a freaking four year old now.  Funny since I still feel like I have days where I’m about as capable and mature as a 14 year old.  Weird.  But, nonetheless, he’s four. F-O-U-R.

our yearly dork-tastic tradition of the puppy towel photo.
our yearly dork-tastic tradition of the puppy towel photo.

I really hate how cliched the “time went by so fast”, and “stop growing up (insert that single tear face emoji)” platitudes can be.  Sometimes I have to get humbled and remember that they’re cliche for a darned good reason, and that reason is that they’re true. The years have flashed by like lightning and then suddenly I have a kid capable of (a little bit) of reason, who can tell you all the Ninja Turtles, and spell his name.  It’s stupid.

William asked back in the fall for a soccer party.  We’ve been talking about it evvvvvver since.  Nonstop.  I know my mommas feel me on this.  The birthday party for next year is already in the works for the kid.

He also made sure to request “red bell-vet” cake well in advance.  This was last year’s request too.  He’s serious about it.

Since Memphis is getting a new soccer team this year, we decided to pay homage to our favorite city and to our (soon to be) favorite local soccer team.

Memphis City Football Club’s colors are going to be maroon and orange.  So we decked out everything we could think of with those colors.

IMG_6438 IMG_6426

Wm’s requested red bell-vet cake was on display with a very creative soccer ball topper. (Yes, a toy.  Yes, I washed it first.)

We feasted on Memphis themed yummies- Gus’s fried chicken (from the original Mason location- trust me, it matters), barbecued bologna (thanks to Brandon’s smoker magic spells), and all the southern sides that those two foods require.  Along with red velvet cake and banana pudding for dessert.

The weather was perfect. PERFECT.  Poor January birthdays don’t usually have amazing weather for their parties, but this year we were able to live it up in the backyard playing with Wm’s new soccer goals.  He was even able to live the dream and wear his soccer shorts (and tee especially made by his Honey (grandmother)) for the day.  I’m telling you, it was glorious.

can you tell he enjoyed it?
can you tell he enjoyed it?

We’re still at the point where the parties include our friends too.  We love the yearly excuse to have our favorite people come and eat food and hang out for a few hours.

The kids played soccer in the backyard (and in the house a little too) and the parents drank beer (Wiseacre, duh) and spent time catching up.  I had an entire activity that we never even played because the kids were all having too much fun together.

the ladders game (a favorite from soccer practice) that never got played with because the kids were having too much fun.
the ladders game (a favorite from soccer practice) that never got played with because the kids were having too much fun.

For favors I made these soccer scarves from fleece so that the kids could feel super European when they go to the MCFC games this season.   I also happened to find these funny little FIFA sticker packs at the Dollar Tree that have been stuck on every surface in my home now.  Thanks partially to my anxiety and partially to a healthy fear of having the little littles play with long scarves, I made some fleece pompoms for the under-two set.  They were a hit.


Below, I want you to behold THE only photo I took of the kid during all the revelry.  Yep.  That’s the only one.  Blurry and with exactly 1.5 of the 15 or 20 kids who came to the event.  Oh well.  He’ll have to take our word for it that it was well attended.


One of my other favorite little details were these vintage formations from a soccer book that Brandon lovingly chose for the event.  They were a totally fun little bit that we decided to add at the last minute.


IMG_6416We don’t do friends gifts for Wm’s birthday parties (a long list of reasons that I won’t bore you with) but grandparents are completely allowed to break that rule if they choose.

My mom has been working for months on this all thanks to a little request for a “Jesus doll” from William a few months ago.  She outdid herself.  And they must be shared with everyone.

And, in answer to your question, she isn’t interested in selling them.  I know.  A crying shame.

Aren’t they amazing?

Overall, this fourth birthday party gave me a good reason to forget that my little tiny 4 lb 11 oz baby boy is now a big huge four year old.  It was a fun day spent playing and eating with Wm’s dearest buddies, and it was a fun time for us to spend with our family and favorite people.

Cheers to our biggest and best social obligation these days, cheers to Kid Birthday in all its thematic glory!


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  1. And what a great party it was! Food, fellowship and fun….what more could you ask for? William is very lucky to have a Mommy and Daddy that love to spoil him.

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