i want you to social media with me. {family craft photo album}

Well, hello!

I haven’t posted one of these in a while.  I guess Instagram really is my outlet for the day-to-day stuff.  But I love sitting down to spend some time typing and pretending we’re hanging out.  Eating cupcakes together, probably.  And just gabbin’.

(Is it just me, or does “gabbing” look extra ridiculous.  Honestly, “gabbin’ ” looks pretty dumb too.  Maybe I should find another word to use…)

The sun has gotten so much sunnier lately, which makes the accomplishing of things just seem more exciting.

We have had so many kiddo birthday parties lately (including our own kid’s party).

We also had a blast at our buddy Bridger’s birthday party.  It was held at The Art Project Memphis.  They’ve created an amazing space where you can do all the art projects you’d do if you had unlimited space, supplies, and time to clean up.  It’s an incredible idea!

There were many activities to do, but William enjoyed painting on the big easels and making a clay Yoda figurine.


We had two sweet couples over for a (planned the morning of) Super Bowl party, which turned into us watching Downton Abbey together and talking about babies.

So, yeah, it was the perfect Super Bowl party.

wm choose to root for the broncos based on his love of horses.


Last Friday I had a wonderful girls night with my friends Amanda and Jestein.  We were all in the same 8 week (super intensive) natural birth and breastfeeding classes together back in 2011/12 right before our babes were born.  Talk about a way to create some lifelong friends, you can’t help but bond when you make the biggest change in your life alongside people.

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We had plans to see a movie but got held up having pre-movie snacks at Shweinehaus.  So we meandered around Overton Square and ended up at Bari for drinks and dessert.  We talked and had a ridiculously good time spending time with one another.

I also admitted to them that I’ve never cared for Jane Austen.  I know, I know, it’s a crime against my homeschooled girl street cred.  But I gotta do me.  And me doesn’t include Austen.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW I’M NOT ALONE IN THIS!


As promised, I took some Galentine’s girls night favors to the ladies.  They seemed to appreciate!

Valentine’s Day was pretty low-key.  Our poor Aunt Clare Bear (my little sister) got sick and wasn’t able to babysit for our very last minute plans. (Which was just fine, because the V-Day madness at restaurants is NOT A JOKE!!)

We spent the bulk of the weekend watching superhero movies.

William had fun with his new Captain America shield he got from us for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve learned more about superheroes in the past year than I’ve ever wanted to know.  But my kid is cute, he likes superheroes, so it’s endearing.


Of course, as always, Honey and Aunt Clare collaborated and overdid it with a Valentine’s gift for Wm.  They made this incredible hand-painted construction site map on canvas with little clay accessories.  They included some construction equipment for maximum fun.  It all goes inside a fabric box that she painted up with even more adorable detail.

The gas pump might be my favorite little bitty item.

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IMG_6607 IMG_6602

Brandon went overboard on Valentine’s Day with a sweet gift card for a massage and some super cute notecards.

Then on Monday he stopped by Red Velvet Vintage for this little set of decade fragrances.

We’ve been watching Agent Carter.  More like we’ve been binge watching it like it was our job to catch up before Tuesday’s episodes.  Not as “superhero-y” as I thought it would be.  I live for kitschy period pieces, and my 1940s fragrance from the set has been so fun to get me in even more of the vintage-y mood.

Brandon’s newly perfected Manhattans have helped with that too.  We go full-force into a theme around here.

This Mister developed his very first (in his entire life) ear infection.  He complained a little about a “spicy ear” on Sunday morning and stayed home from church.  By Monday he was inconsolable and in a lot of pain.  We got him to the doctor and diagnosed it.  Thank goodness for his first round of prescribed antibiotics (not counting the ones my poor preemie had to be given in his first 12 hours of life).  He’s much much better now.

As long as we keep the carrot sticks coming.

Anooooother thing I’ve been up to is starting a new ongoing series on Instagram. (Do you not follow me there yet? I mean. Come on, you really should.) I’m showcasing these #GrandmotherGems.  You know what I’m talking about- the adorably chic vintage items that we’ve all inherited (or swiped) from our beloved grandmas.  The treasured notes they’ve given, the recipes they’ve penned, and the little gifts that make you feel all cozy and remind you of the beloved matriarchs.

I had so much fun with the ornament sharing fest that I wanted to do something that would go on and on. Heaven knows I have about a million little trinkets that I’ve inherited, and so many vintage items that fit in with my goal to “curate a modern lifestyle inspired by my grandmothers and their everyday craft”.  (See that over in the sidebar? Like how I tied that in??)

Share your items and tag me @GeraldineandVirginia and #GrandmotherGems.  I would LOVE to see the sweet treasured items and hear your stories!


We’re currently enjoying another spurt of gorgeous weather.

Eating up these leftovers.

I’ve been listening to Shovels and Rope in the backyard.

And I’ve been drinking iced vanilla lattes.

That’s pretty much what we’ve been up to.

Things have been good.  Hashtag blessthankfulgratefulhappy.  Ya know, all that jazz.

Hope y’all are enjoying half as much happy as we are over here.  xoxo



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