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Your grandmother may not have done this, but I have vivid memories of Grammy (Virginia) clipping everything.  She would find articles, or recipes, or even inspirational decor or craft idea pictures.  She would then clip them to send to us.  (That’d be snail mail, for all you younguns.)

In honor of those clippings, I’d like to present a new series here on the blog: G+V Clippings.  A collection of articles or inspirations hand selected for those of you who follow this blog and love Grandmother Craft half as much as I do.

Oh, and there might be some pictures of my kid.  Because grandmothers always like to include a few photo prints in their snail mail (you know, for good measure).

FIIIIRST- Here’s a picture of ME! It’s from the new Memphis Moms Blog.  Where I just so happen to be a  new contributor! I’m loving the women I’ve met thus far.  Nothing like baring our souls in writing to bond us for life!

You can read my intro post here.
Or my second post (all about them Mommy Wars, well, sort of) here.


I don’t like to go very long in my life without brownies.


You should know that I don’t have one AMAZING brownie recipe.  I’m in the mood for different brownies most every time I bake them.  Or I’m limited by what’s in my pantry at the moment.  The pantry probs are usually the case.  Growing up 30+ minutes from a real grocery store taught me how to improvise when cooking.  I hate a grocery run. (Even if I’m only 5 minutes from one now.)

I loved these because I didn’t have any chocolate to melt for the melted baking chocolate type of brownie and needed a fix.  These did the trick.  Super fudgy and a new go-to favorite.  Find that recipe here.

These second brownies are amazing because they taste a little underdone in the best possible way. They’re made of mostly dates and walnuts in the food processor.  Grain and gluten free, vegan, paleo, raw (I think- because I know nothing about raw food eating) and only 140 calories each! THEY ARE THE PERFECT FOOD! I’ve had one most every day with my afternoon coffee. The recipe also includes frosting. FROSTING.  Here’s that recipe.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

It’s still Great Lent for me and my Orthodox friends.  We won’t celebrate Christ’s Resurrection until May 1.  Please keep us in your prayers as we continue through our Lenten journey.

I would try and explain the calendar difference, but would do a poor job.  My friend Laura did a much better job over on her blog.  See that here.

Wm was beyond proud to share his St. Brendan icon in the Sunday of Orthodoxy procession last week.

I love this article about the broderers at St. Paul Cathedral in London.  This isn’t an Orthodox church but our clergy wear similar vestments.  I can think of nothing I want to do more than to sit around with a bunch of older ladies and hand embroider all day.  If Baptists and Methodists wore vestments like these, Geraldine and Virginia would have been all over being broderers.  Read that here.

For good measure, I’ll end with a couple of pictures from our weekend.

We’re back in soccer and Wm chose to wear JJ Watt’s numbers on his tee for this season.  I realize that’s a different kind of football.

Last week’s practice was bitter cold.  So, naturally, we overdressed for this week’s practice. #toolittletoolate

IMG_7276 (1)

We enjoyed a lovely Western Easter feast with my parents, followed by some duckling cuddles, baby kitten bonding, and an egg hunt on the porch.

Happy week, dear friends.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of clippings! XOXO


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