in the moment home tour {dining room}

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I’ve gotten requests before for a home tour.  Of course, my perfectionism reared its ugly head and told me my house/decorating skill/ photography limitations should keep me from going forward.

“I’ll post one when I change this.” or “I need to paint that before I can take those pictures.”

You know how this story ends.  Excuses and stuff.  I wouldn’t use those excuses to keep from having y’all over for a cup of coffee.  So why should my internet coffee date with you, aka my blog, be any different?  Plus I love a good house tour!

(I also drive a little slower past my neighbors homes when their curtains are open and I can see inside to see how they decorate.  #homedecorjunkieprobs)

My photography skills leave a lot to be desired.  I keep meaning to switch out that one piece or recover those chairs.  That brass chandelier isn’t my favorite.  You get it.  But, I am truly proud of my home, and I won’t let my hangups keep me from sharing it.

With all of that said- at this moment, this is home.  Please, come take a little tour!

Welcome to the dining room!

img_2665We recently repainted this room from a deep red to this ivory color and I’m loving white walls.

Our first home was painted ivory throughout.  I thought my life would improve in ways I couldn’t comprehend when I could (finallyyyyyy) paint the walls fun colors.  I’ve had my chance now.  I’ve learned that I’m MOST DEFINITELY a fan of white.  It took covering up some “soft duckling” yellow I chose to paint in the kitchen to finally understand what color walls I wanted.  (I can admit my mistakes, ok!?)

Most of you already know that we live in my parents’ old home now that they live on a gorgeous farm in the country.  We made a few changes on the inside to change the feel of the house when we first moved in.  Sadly, I don’t have too many before pictures. My mom’s decorating style is gorgeous, but she tends to lean more toward fall colors and rustic chic design.  My aesthetic is quite different.

When we moved in we removed wallpaper in two rooms, repainted 4 rooms and even changed some of the flooring in one of the bathrooms.  I really wanted to avoid breaking out the paintbrushes again in the dining room if at all possible! (And even if paint is relatively cheap, my budget still didn’t have the room for the tons of paint it would take to cover the red!) Since I had my beautiful Billy Moore folk art church hanging in the dining room, I decided to make the red work.

After two years of not loving the red and discovering the company no longer produced the paint for touch ups, we decided (AKA- I begged my poor husband) to paint the dining room ivory.  The color is Valspar Muslin Wrap, the same color we have in the kitchen.  Since we have an open concept floor-plan, it made sense to paint this room the same color.


The dining room table once belonged to my grandparents (Virginia and Bill) and I recovered the seats a few years ago.  Let’s all laugh at my chevron.  Oh mercy, the chevron.  It was so trendy, y’all.  Don’t recover your dining room chairs in “trendy,” ok?  I’ll get around to recovering those… someday.


The buffet is from IKEA as a gift from my parents.  They were making a trip to an IKEA and I sent mom a shopping list as a TOTAL joke.  Then, a few months later, those IKEA flat pack boxes were wrapped up for me under the Christmas tree.  I love it so so much,  and I love how the dining room table legs and the buffet legs mimic one another.

The curtains were a Target find I swiped from my best friend.  (To be fair, she was selling them! I didn’t steal them.)  The curtain rod was from the West Elm Outlet.  I will be buried with that $8 curtain rod.  I love it dearly!

The spoon painting above the window is another Billy Moore piece purchased along with the church at the Cooper Young Festival in 2009.  Those were my first ever art purchases and I love them dearly!  The tryptic over the doorway was a Sally Papich set that Brandon gave me when we were dating.  I love how this room has become my little folk art room.  There are a few more open spaces I could fit some other paintings.  Just saying, Brandon!


Our icon corner in the dining room is not our main family prayer corner, but I love how each icon in this corner has its own story.   Brandon bought the icon of Christ in Jerusalem before he had ever visited an Orthodox church.  The icon of St. Catherine was a nameday gift from Greece from my dear friend, Sally, and was blessed on some of St. Catherine’s relics.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Russian style icons.   So I love that we were able to place these together in this room.


We love this room.  We tend to eat most of our dinners in here.  (Except for, let’s be honest, when we gather around Netflix for the occasional family meal.) We’re both big believers in the importance of meals in a space designated for breaking bread together with family and friends.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour.  Consider this an appetizer until I can get around to sharing a meal with you in this space.    I’ll be back soon with a tour of another room soon!  (You know, if I can keep one clean long enough to take photos).



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