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IN THE MOMENT HOME TOUR DISCLAIMER: In case you missed it last time, this is a perfectly imperfect room tour.  I could list about 300 things I could change in this little room.  My photo skills are lacking and I didn’t even bother to iron things.  So, no judgment.  This is simply a peek into your girl, Caitlyn’s, home.  Enjoy!

I can’t even keep my cool with how much I love having a guest room.  It’s a little luxury that I do NOT take for granted.  I have a room dedicated to the prospect of occasional guest use! How amazing is that?


As you learned from the last home tour post, we live in my parents’ old home.  It’s a comfortably large suburban home.  I mayyyy have grown accustomed to the extra space in these past two years.  Since we currently have one child, this means we have 2 spare bedrooms at our disposal for the moment.  Upstairs is the large man-room/library/daycare playroom.  Downstairs (visible from the kitchen- intentionally since it’s usually the cleanest room in the house) we have the guest room.

We’ve had the joy of hosting visitors a few times in the two years we lived here. I love being able to play hostess.

of course there are monograms on the pillows!

This room was the first “completed” room in the house. (As much as any room is ever completed, ya know.)  We painted exactly one wall.  (I was still thinking accent walls were cool.  Apparently now they aren’t? I don’t know. I’d probably go with white walls if I had it to do over again.) The beds were a set I inherited from Grammy and Grandaddy (Virginia and Bill).  Since I already owned two beds that would be perfect for a guest room, I set about making it happen!

My mom made all the linens from fabrics I found at Premier Fabrics.  These were all from the scrap and remnant pile, so I spent little money on the fabrics.  All credit for how amazing it looks goes to my incredible seamstress, my mom/Trisha/Honey Bear (her grandma name).

bed scarves are my best friends.

My foremost inspiration for this room was the color scheme.  When I got my hands on the gorgeous bold printed fabrics at Premier, I was sold on making the room an homage to pattern and the two colors.

The color scheme might suggest we’re Auburn fans.  We are NOT. I fell in love with the orange and navy color scheme due to this Design*Sponge post years ago, before I ever followed any college football. D*S apparently aren’t followers of the SEC. Bless their hearts.

The bed wreaths above the bed were made of paper plates and cupcake wrappers.  I’m telling you, I decorated this room on a shoestring budget! I would love some white faux taxidermy or a two part art piece at some point in the future, but I’m a fan of my little (maybe $.50 total cost) wreaths for now!


My sister created this memory board for us from leftover fabric and embroidered the little birds. It was such a sweet little surprise!


This chair is from Wayfair.  My mom made the pillow from the very last teeny tiny scraps of fabric left from the pillows and bed scarves.  Her ability to stretch ANYTHING will never cease to amaze me.  If you know my mom and she hasn’t given you all the life goals, then you’re doing it wrong.

like that wrinkled bedspread? this is why it’s an “in the moment” tour.

I created the headboards from old shutters my neighbor in the city was throwing away.  They aren’t my favorites and I hope to upgrade to some cute upholstered headboards someday.

The nightstand was my old teenage bedroom set’s nightstand that has been painted 3 times.  This time I painted it with my beloved homemade chalk paint in a grey that I mixed up from some leftover paint.

The lamp was a free hand-me-down lamp gifted to me when I moved out on my own back in 2009.  It was brass but I painted it with an oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  I keep meaning to change the shade- someday!


I love this room.  Even if you aren’t able to come visit us and stay in it, I love that I got to take y’all on a little tour as it is right this moment!

Come back soon for some of my tips for hostessing when it comes to overnight guests.  I’m sure my hosting skills still leave something to be desired, but I’ve learned a few things from the pro-hosts I’ve known in my 31 years.


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