in the moment home tour {fall decor tour}

Welcome to yet another perfectly imperfect, in the moment, home tour! This one is to shamelessly share with y’all the little pumpkin children I’ve adopted and strewn throughout our home.

My theory for any holiday decor is simply to add seasonal dressing without completely overpowering a room.  I love to add in natural fall colors and natural elements in autumn- because duh.  Basically I just love the look of pumpkins upon pumpkins everywhere!


Our porch is basically a study in pumpkin stacking.  I finally feel like I have enough, although I could see myself grabbing a few more before this is all over with.

I made my wreath years ago when we lived in our first place.  It’s a styrofoam wreathform wrapped in a chunky camel colored yarn with handmade fabric flowers.  The fabric was all collected from Grammy (Virginia’s) stash.  I especially love the multicolored (oh-so-seventies) cotton lace. This year I added in a crocheted pumpkin from my pumpkin bunting project.


The dining room has minimal adornment.  Just two grey and white pumpkins on the buffet.  Sometimes I just want a nod of seasonal decor in a room.  I don’t have any major plans for fall dinner parties, but if any happen, I’ll probably create a fun tablescape for the dining room table. (No, I don’t host Thanksgiving for my family.  That is my mom’s job… Don’t mess with perfection.)  For now I’m keeping it simple in there. (IN THE MOMENT TOURRRRR!)

That room tends to be more monochromatic and cool toned with greys and ivory.  I didn’t want too many orange accents to take away from the way the room is decorated.  I’ll update y’all on Instagram if I live out my grey and white tablescape dreams in there before fall is said and done.


My most favorite seasonal hospitality is to always have some sort of baked goodie under the cake dome.  I love this cake plate so much, and I also love that pecan pie we picked up at Jones Orchard even more!

Honestly, if you could only have one fall accessory adorning your home, let it be a fall dessert. (I have some ideas for you: maybe this or this?)


In the den I’ve dressed the mantle.  Post photo taking, I added a few more bits. (I can’t stop!)

I’m constantly primping and changing things especially when it comes to the seasonal decor.  You’ll just have to come for coffee to see the final iteration.


I clipped some branches from the yard for height and texture and interspersed them with my pumpkin collection.

I’m in love with that bumpy grey pumpkin.  It is my favorite pumpkin child. (It’s ok to have favorite pumpkin children.)


The crowning touch to the mantle is this crocheted bunting I made from this tutorial.  (Obviously I skipped the step to make these into jack-o-lanterns like the original.) These came together so quickly and were a fun little project.  In my opinion, a bunting is always the best way to decorate anything!


Thanks for joining me on this this little mini home tour.  I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Halloween and are geared up to celebrate a fabulous Thanksgiving.


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