in the moment home tour {kitchen – part 1}

Well, hey! I have been having so much fun taking y’all on these home tours.

This is one of the most “in the moment” tours yet! There are a few things I could list in terms of what I would do with my kitchen if I had unlimited funds.  (Or any renovation funds, for that matter!)  Please don’t think this means I don’t love this kitchen! I DO! When we moved into this home it practically doubled my kitchen space from our sweet duplex.  I adore having an eat-in kitchen for breakfasts and lunches.  I love having a bar to sit at while we’re working together in the kitchen.  I love the storage space and work space.  I love so very much about this kitchen.

Of course if I could renovate I would probably upgrade the appliances, add marble counter tops, a subway tile backsplash, and new flooring… BUT! I want to show you this room in the moment.  Most of us aren’t able to watch Joanna Gaines and immediately take all her ideas and run.  Most of us have to live with our almond colored refrigerators.  Today I want to show you how I’ve made this kitchen a room I truly love!


The biggest change we made in this room was painting the cabinets.  They were originally “honey oak” and I wasn’t interested in living with them.

I did research and chose to paint them with chalk paint, as the reviews said that chalk paint would work perfectly without sanding or priming.  Sadly, the chalk paint didn’t fully seal due to the many years of grease splatters.  The previously undetectable spots worked their way to the surface a few weeks after I painted, leaving the cabinets splotchy. Be warned, chalk painters.

I do LOVE the color.  I think the deep grey is a unique look and matched some of the grey in the counter tops to add some cohesion.

The sink and long counter area are a nice upgrade from the probably 5 square feet I was used to when we lived in our old place.  Naturally, I’m always in need of a bit more counter space (who isn’t?). Below is my most “life hack” tip I’ll ever share with you.  Adding a large cutting board over one half of the sink is a great way to add extra counter space.  It’s perfect for chopping vegetables- just chop on the cutting board and sweep any scraps into the disposer side of the sink!

I also use this hack when we’re hosting potlucks or a dinner served buffet style.  It adds a great spot for a few more dishes.

see my stand mixer over there? her name is bertha.

Near my sink I have an icon of St Euphrosynos the Cook.  Many Orthodox kitchens have one of his icons. You can read a bit more about St. Euphrosynos here.


I try to keep the counters somewhat clear, but over the years of cooking I’ve noticed I work best with easy access to cooking tools.  I keep these pitchers filled with what I use most frequently.

I also love to always keep some paper straws on hand.  They make a La Croix more fun (turn the tab around and place the straw through the hole in the tab so the bubbles don’t push out the straw- SO MANY LIFE HACKS TODAY) and they make me feel like I’ve gone to a coffee shop when I use them in my iced lattes.


Speaking of lattes!

My little coffee station is one of my favorite corners.  Brandon gave me this (very affordable) espresso machine back when William was about 6 months old.  It was the best gift he could have given this tired momma.  I use it daily.  And I bet if you come over, I’ll probably offer you a latte.


I’ve used my FAVORITE cheater decorating trick to instantly make a space look more put-together in those two spots on the counters.  TRAYS! Just put items on a tray and things immediately look more intentional and more clean.  The silver tray was a wedding gift from my best friend (from Target) and the white platter was a Christmas gift from my former boss. You’ll see the matching platter hung on the wall in the breakfast nook. I loved them as platters, but reeeeeeeally loved them for decor!

Here’s another view of the kitchen from the breakfast nook side of the room.

i’ve filled the tops of the cabinets with a collection of milk glass pieces from geraldine and virginia.

I painted the saddle stools (once again, with chalk paint) and really love how they look!

The chalkboard is a simple to install adhesive vinyl.  We’re currently using it as a gratitude board. William is grateful for praying, balloons, and cake. (Heart eyes!)

I intended to take you on a tour of both the kitchen AND the breakfast nook in this one post, but I realize this post has gotten super long.  So, join me soon for part 2 of the kitchen tour and see one of my favorite DIY projects to date.



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