in the moment home tour {kitchen – part 2}

I got a little long-winded in that last post and promised I’d share the rest of the kitchen in this post.  So, if you haven’t read part one, go ahead and do it right now…. Then we’ll be here when you get back!

Ok, so you’ve seen the half of the kitchen we use for the nitty gritty kitchen work. Now, this side houses the breakfast nook, pantry, and my spice cabinet.  It’s where we eat our breakfasts of soft boiled eggs and toast soldiers, where we do crafts, and where the daycare kiddos eat their lunches. It has the best light in the whole kitchen and is the perfect space for quick meals.

(While I have you here- STAY TUNED at the end of the post for a few Thanksgiving recipes I’m making today.)


I get asked about the table all the time.  It is my proudest DIY achievement ever (ok, maybe it’s tied with the chandelier you’ll read more about later).  It is made from an old electrical spool my brother claimed when working on a jobsite.  I simply painted it white.  That’s it! It is the most fun industrial chic piece I own.  My parents gave us the metal chairs (from Target, they’re still available) as a Christmas gift.


The two round Fiesta Ware plates are vintage finds. In our old home I had a wall covered with multicolored vintage Fiesta.  These two are the only ones I currently display.  The white platter is the mate to the platter I’ve used as a tray in the working side of the kitchen.

I’m aware that my windows are bare.  I had some curtains on them at one point, I just didn’t care for them.  So they’re currently bare.  I’m equal parts annoyed at how stark they look and pleased with how clean it keeps the space.  Oh well… Need I remind you of the title of this post? IN THE MOMENT!

The fruit bowl on the table was a find from Grammy’s (Virginia’s) kitchen.  I don’t have a ton of color in this room but loved adding in bits of aqua, yellow, and green.


The spice cabinet was made for me by my grandfather, Bill, (Virginia’s husband) and has been painted probably 15 times in its life.  It is currently living its best life as a real life spice cabinet! (It has been used for many other purposes in its life.)

Sometime soon I’ll take y’all on a tour of the inside.  It’s the best organized space in my home.


The spice cabinet also holds a few fun pieces- a yellow bowl used for holding chalk, an ampersand from my cousin Liz’s wedding table decor, a mortar and pestle, and a cute little owl candle holder that my friend Cindy gave me as a gift.

Lastly I have to shamelessly brag about the chandelier in the breakfast nook.  It was a piece left here from my parents.  It was shades of brown and green and really didn’t fit my aesthetic at all.  I couldn’t afford to replace the fixture so I made it work.  I painted it with a very light grey chalk paint (made from one of those $1 remnant cans at the hardware store) and it almost looks as if it is made of concrete now. It’s one of my favorite pieces now and I think I might have to take it with me when we move someday!


I hope if you’ve learned anything from this tour, it’s that paint is the most cost effective way to change anything you don’t love. I regret not having taken more “before” pictures to truly show how much this room has been changed.  Take my word for it, a few gallons of paint have transformed the entire feel of this space.

I love my kitchen and love that I was able to take y’all on this tour. Thank you for joining me.  I hope you enjoyed this half as much as I did!

AND! Since it’s Thanksgiving week, here are the items I’m cooking for our family’s Thanksgiving meal today.  

I’m making this recipe for my favorite macaroni and cheese, lovingly known as the $40 mac-n-cheese.  WORTH.EVERY.PENNY.

I’m also making my favorite pecan pie.  I made 40 of these pies for the grooms cake at our wedding.  This is the pie crust recipe I use– a favorite from both Geraldine and Virginia.  And here is the pecan pie recipe!

Bourbon Pecan Pie (From my Aunt Susan Lane)
1 stick butter, melted

3 eggs

1 teaspoon flour

1 cup pecans

1/2 cup sugar

2 tablespoons bourbon

1 cup light Karo syrup

dash of salt

deep dish pie crust (use recipe above, or a refrigerated pie dough.)

Mix butter and sugar together, then all other ingredients, adding pecans last. Pour into pie shell and bake at 350 for 1 hour.

Happy Thanksgiving, turkeys!


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